Kondolenzschreiben an Familie Prockter

Dear Prockter family,
2014-06-25_Prockter1the German Netzwerk Friedenssteuer (Peace Tax Network) was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of Roy’s sudden death.
The Peace Tax Movement has lost one of its most energetic and determined protagonists – and that just after CPTI had moved to London, not in a small part due to Roy’s willingness to engage himself even more in our struggle to be allowed not to be passive participants in war.
2014-06-25_Prockter2We will miss him greatly, and we extend all our sympathies not only to his fellow-fighters for our issue, but also to all who loved him.
We will never forget him, and we are very much holding in our thoughts those he left behind.
I add two photos which show Roy, when I last met him. This was in Bogotá during the International Peace Tax Conference in Feb. 2013, which I keep in good memory.
Wolfgang Steuer
Chairman Netzwerk Friedenssteuer

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